DigiDJs unite, produce DN-HC4500 Media Player and Controller

By Ryan Nill

Goodbye vinyl, hello MacBook! Denon unveils the DN-HC4500 Media Player and Controller, the “first USB / MIDI audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs.” No longer will we be forced to have various computer parts (or entire computers) spliced into our decks. The DN-HC4500 features both PC and Mac support, 24-bit processing, BU4500 drive support, real time displays, touch-sensitive jog discs (for all your scratching needs), and comes integrated with Reflex LE software. And it looks sexy. Incredibly so.

But for a price, of course; your immortal soul or your Technics 1200. Go with the soul: much less regret. Or, alternatively, you could wait a month and pay £399.99 (about $540 US).

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