Digg Vs. Dot

By David Ponce

If you want timely, bleeding edge technology news, there are two places to go: Slashdot and now Digg. Here, the blood is a little crusted and the edge a little dull, but at least we make you smile.

For those who don’t know, it used to be Slashdot alone. Then, Digg came around, and it’s looking like it’ll eventually overtake Slashdot in terms of traffic. The main difference between the two is this: Slashdot determines which stories make it to the front page from the decisions of a relatively small group of editors. Digg uses the collective wisdom of its thousands of members.

Some say that the Slashdot model is old. Social bookmarking is in. Digg gets all the good stories first. Is it true? Well, Digg Vs. Dot is a site dedicated to keeping track of the truth, by looking at crossposts between the two sites.

Points are scored in the following manner:
+3 for first post, +1 for ties (within 50 min), -1 ripping off the title & url.

Don’t want to spoil the fun, skip the next few lines.

The winner so far, according to the site? Digg by 32 points.

Story VIA Waxy.org.