Diesel Turntable & Analog Audio Gear Bedding

Diesel Turntable & Audio Gear Bedding (Image courtesy Diesel)
By Andrew Liszewski

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself part of Diesel’s target demographic, but they’ve definitely won me over with this set of turntables & analog audio gear print bedding. I mean look at it, the pillow shams even line up to form a mixer between the two turntables. All I have to say is goodbye Hannibal, Murdock, Faceman and B.A. because Andrew has finally found some new bed sheets.

The Turntable bedding is part of the company’s ‘Diesel Lifestyle Home Textile Collection’ and is apparently available from Diesel retail stores, though I have no idea for how much.

[ Diesel Turntable & Audio Gear Bedding ] VIA [ Freshome ]

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