Diesel Time Frames With OLED Display

Diesel OLED Time Frames (Images courtesy Diesel & technabob)
By Andrew Liszewski

This isn’t the first watch from Diesel to feature an OLED display, but since the original model only used the technology for a thin strip of blue numbers, it might as well be. While the display on the DZ7086 isn’t exactly large compared to LCD standards, it’s no longer monochrome thanks to the introduction of green to complement the blue. But even with a ‘cutting-edge’ OLED display the watch is still styled after the LED watches from the 1970’s, so it will probably appeal mainly to the retro crowd.

The watch face has 4 different animations that can be triggered at random whenever you push one of the buttons on the side and features a genuine black leather strap that’s attached to the display via a set of stainless steel lugs. Oh and it of course sports the Diesel logo, since most people won’t be buying it for the OLED technology.

It’s available directly from Diesel for $150.

[ Diesel OLED Time Frames ] VIA [ technabob ]