Did You Know They Made Backpack Vacuums?

By David Ponce

Yeah, we had no idea. Apparently these have been around forever, though mostly seen in industrial settings. Something about them being too heavy for home use. But the 7.5 lbs Backpack Vacuum pictured above seems light enough not to give even the most dainty user any hernias. It’s great for obvious reasons: it won’t keep bumping into furniture and tripping over its own wire. With soft padding for the back, and adjustable shoulder straps it might actually be comfortable to wear. The power button is located on the hose so you don’t have to keep reaching around all the time and the 800 watts of power should be enough to suck up most dust and debris while the HEPA filter takes care of allergens.

It’s $200 and ships on the 29th of June.

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