Devan Anthony spherical speaker

Devan Anthony SpeakerWhile we’re on the topic of speakers, here’s yet another funky looking one. Don’t know that it does anything special, other than look really nice in your living room. It’s 1.5 feet in diameter, so it’s not diminutive and wont go unnoticed, which is good since you’ll probably have to spend an indecent amount for it, seing as it’s a “designer” speaker.

Still, I like it.

Via Mocoloco.

Check out the website.
Update: Devan himself contacted me, and gave me a little update on how these work.

The spherical cabinets are acoustically ideal because they eliminate
wave reflections off of the front baffle. The front baffle is the part of the speaker that the drivers mount on to, usually just a flat piece of wood that most people would call the “front.” That flat surface tends to reflect mid to high end frequencies and muddy up the sound a bit. The spherical shape eliminates those reflections.

And they look cool.

And they are expensive, not cause they’re designer but because they’re hard to make.