Desk Size Vending Machine Fridge

12 Can Vending Machine Fridge (Image courtesy Gifts and Gadgets Online)By Andrew Liszewski

There are a lot of companies who have become proactive in helping the masses fight the battle of the bulge but unfortunately there are just as many who are adding to the problem. Case in point this 12 can vending machine fridge designed to sit on a desk or counter and provide even easier access to a carbonated beverage. So not only does it encourage you to drink more of the stuff but it also removes the walk to the fridge or snack room that at least burned a couple of calories in the process.

The fridge runs on standard AC but also seems to be DC compatible meaning you can enjoy your favorite soda even during your daily commute. It can cool the cans to “68 to 77° F below ambient temperature” and has an automatic thermostat. Each row has a selector button to dispense your beverage of choice which causes the can to fall down to the bottom opening just like with a full size version.

The Vending Machine Fridge is available from Gifts and Gadgets Online for $159.95.

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