Designer Ice Scraper

Designer Ice Scraper (Image courtesy Apartment Zero)By Andrew Liszewski

You know given the chance I think some designers would love to redo every single product on the planet. For the time being though they seem to pick and choose their targets and this time it’s the ice scraper. Created by Eric Baggers I have to say this particular scraper looks pretty cool and like any great design it improves on functionality as well.

It was actually designed in conjunction with physical therapists so that it can be gripped without putting a strain on your hand, arm or shoulder. One side has a soft rubber finish for dealing with frost covered windows and the other is the traditional hard plastic for removing ice and snow. Perfect timing too given how much of the US & Canada is currently under a blanket of the frozen stuff.

The ice scraper by Eric Baggers is available from Apartment Zero for $35.

[ Ice Scraper by Eric Baggers ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

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