Denso Japan Develops Headlights That Know Where You’re Going

Denso Navi Kyocho AFS (Images courtesy Andrew Liszewski

There are already vehicles equipped with headlights than can move left or right as the car goes into a turn but they’re usually tied directly into the steering wheel. The Navi Kyocho AFS or Adaptive Front-lighting System instead relies on map data from a vehicle’s navigation system to turn the headlights in anticipation of an approaching turn and not just when the driver turns the wheel.

The advantage to the new system is that it illuminates the road ahead of the car earlier which can be particularly important when you’re relying on a GPS system for directions and are heading into an unknown corner. And to make sure the headlights don’t turn too early or too late the system also takes into account the car’s current speed and position which are also taken from the navigation system.

Unfortunately the Navi Kyocho AFS system won’t be seen in cars for at least 5 years so until then you better just stick with the speed limits posted on those winding mountain roads.

[ Denso develops headlight system that works in conjuction with the navigation system ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]