Demy Digital Recipe Gadget for the Kitchen

By Shane McGlaun

I am a big fan of gadgets of any type really. It doesn’t even have to be a gadget I really have a need for it to stoke my geek lust. In my house I cook quite frequently, typically the stuff my kids like, which means lots of Hamburger Helper. I don’t mind cooking from the occasional recipe though like my grandma used to do.

Grandma had this huge box filled with old, browning index cards she had been using since the days when computers were science fiction. Today if I want a recipe, collection I don’t have to resort to something as old fashioned as actually writing a recipe, I can grab something like the new Demy Digital Recipe reader.

The Demy device is kitchen-safe according to the maker, Key Ingredient, which I assume to mean it can take splashes of olive oil and the occasional sprinkling of salt. Demy has a 7-inch touchscreen and can store tons of recipes in its digital memory from the Key Ingredient website and recipes you copy and paste form other websites or type in manually. The device will ship in May for $299.

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6 thoughts on “Demy Digital Recipe Gadget for the Kitchen”

  1. If this thing could suck out all of the recipes I've saved at, it would be well worth the $299. Or OCR in all the pages from my favorite cookbooks. As it stands now, I think I'll just keep dragging my laptop into the kitchen…

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