Dell Launches Ruggedized Netbook for Education


By Shane McGlaun

Netbooks are great for many reasons, they are cheap and lightweight. These points are both important when you are looking at notebooks for use in schools. The machines have to be cheap enough for schools and parents to afford and light enough that kids can handle the machines.

Dell has announced the first 10.1-inch netbook designed for the education market. The machine is called the Latitude 2100 and featured a rubberized exterior to protect it from bumps and drops that are associated with life around kids.

The machine has an optional anti-microbial keyboard and can be had with HDDs or SSDs. OS choices include Vista Basic, XP home, and Linux. We can assume from the available Vista OS that the rig can be had with 2GB of RAM and it runs the Atom N270. The Wi-Fi equipped machine also has a network activity light on the front cover so teachers can tell if little Johnny is surfing the net instead of paying attention to the lecture. The machine is available now for $369.

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