Dell Introduces First Laptop With Inductive Charging


By Chris Scott Barr

Wireless charging is not a new concept, as we’ve already seen it in at least one mainstream product, the Palm Pre. With the optional accessory, you could set your Pre down on the dock and it would charge. No wires, no connectors, just power. Well it seems that Dell took quite a liking to the technology, as they have decided to implement it into one of their upcoming laptops.

The Dell Latitude Z is set to be the first notebook with a wireless charging solution. If you purchase the special $299 dock, your laptop will be able to charge simply by setting it on the dock. It’s probably safe to assume that other Dell notebooks will be able to take advantage of this dock sometime in the future. Of course it’s also probably safe to assume that they will carry a hefty price tag, just as the Latitude Z does.

If you want the wireless charging ability, the Latitude Z is going to start off at $2,159 (includes the dock). This is also going to get you a 16-inch screen, Core 2 Duo SU9400, 2GB of DDR3 and a 64GB SSD. The laptop is available for purchase now, though the dock will not ship for a a few weeks.

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