Deliciously In Order: Doughnut Earphone Organizer

Doughnut Headphone Organizer

No, this isn’t a bite-sized doughnut, although it’s easy to see how most people can mistake it for one. The Doughnut Earphone Organizer is, as its name implies, an organizer that you can use to keep your earbuds in order when you’re not using it.

I used to coil my earphones around my iPod when I was done listening to music and didn’t really see a need for an organizer. I’d end up having to replace my earbudsĀ in a few months’ time though, because the added stress of just coiling them around eventually wore the wire down. So if you have to have an organizer, why not choose something as yummy and easy-to-use as this little doughnut right here?

Doughnut Headphone Organizer1


Just pull the frosting part up, coil your earphones around the middle, and put the frosting back in place. And voila–stowed away earbud wires without the mess.

The Doughnut Earphone Organizer is priced atĀ $6.76 and is available in three colors.

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