Delicair Laundry Basin Does The Handwashing For You

Delicair Laundry Basin (Image courtesy Aquatic Industries)By Andrew Liszewski

If a piece of clothing can’t be crammed into a washing machine come laundry day, then it doesn’t belong in my wardrobe. But if you happen to have a few ‘delicate’ items that require a hand washing lest they be destroyed in the washer, the Delicair Basin will do the hard work for you.

It’s basically a standard sized sink designed for the laundry room that features a set of 14 to 16 air jets powered by a 150 watt variable speed blower. The jets produce a gentle bubble action so instead of having to manually clean a piece of clothing you just toss it in the sink, add a little detergent and then set the timer for up to 30 minutes. With a price tag of about $300 the Delicair’s not cheap, but when you factor in the cost of those ‘delicate’ items it could actually be more affordable than having to replace them.

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