Deal Of The Day: Xbox 360 4GB Slim Kinect Bundle For $319

By David Ponce

The Xbox 360 Slim is a much nicer console than the original. It’s not only slimmer (duh!) but quieter and comes with integrated WiFi. There’s even a 4GB version for the more casual gamer for $200. Then there’s the Kinect motion-based accessory that a certain crowd is impatiently waiting for. This usually sells for $150 alone. And finally, there’s Xbox Live Gold membership for 1 year. This is $45. Taken separately all these items would retail $395, though they are sometimes bundled, but at $359. With today’s discount, you’ll only pay $319, $40 off the bundle price and $76 off buying these items one by one.

[ Xbox 360 4GB Slim Kinect Bundle For $319 ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]