Deal Of The Day: HP TouchPad 9.7-in WebOS For $469

By David Ponce

We spend a lot of time talking about notebooks and desktops here on the Deal Of The Day column. So it’s nice to veer off into the tablet world for a little change. Today we’re looking at HP’s Touchpad, the highly anticipated 9.7inch WebOS tablet that usually sells for $499 in 16GB flavor, and $599 at double the memory. Today you can get a $30 off coupon, as well as 15% off on accessories for it, like cases and docks.

The Touchpad is the first device to sport WebOS outside of a cellphone, and HP has decided that the right place to do so is in the heated tablet market. It packs 1GB of RAM and a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, as well as the ability to play nice with other WebOS devices. The operating system has been described as “smooth and intuitive”, while the screen is “crisp and clear”.

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