Deal Of The Day: Get 1 Month Free Netflix Trial (Instead Of 2 Weeks)

By David Ponce

They say it tastes better when it’s free. Those of you who decide to take this one month trial of Netflix will have to tell me; while it just launched here in Canada, the service came to us so crippled from lack of content that it’s not even worth trying it out, no matter how free. Y’all down below have it good, and with today’s coupon those of you who’ve not taken the Netflix plunge will have an extra 2 weeks to ponder your decision.

Oh and if you haven’t heard by now, Blockbuster recently filed for bankruptcy. Netflix & co. are largely responsible for this and are reshaping the way content is consumed. Video rental stores are slowly going the way of the dodo… So if you haven’t yet embraced Netflix and streamed content, perhaps you should consider it.

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