Deal Of The Day: $175 Of HP TouchSmart 320m

By David Ponce

Not going to spend any amount of time telling you about all-in-ones. We like’em. But at this point it’s starting to sound like we like commonplace things, like hard drives, or flat screen monitors… Suffice it to say that today’s deal will bring the HP TouchSmart 320m down from $699 to $525. At that price, this is what you get:

4 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive, 1080p multi-touch screen, adjustable base, built-in, adjustable-tilt webcam and mic, removable platform for wallmounting, wireless keyboard & mouse, 2-year warranty, Windows 7, and more.

You got till today.

[ $175 Of HP TouchSmart 320m ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]