Deal Of The Day: $120 Off On Monster Beats Pro

By David Ponce

It’s been a few years now since Monster (the company mainly known for their unnecessarily expensive HDMI and other cables) launched the Beats by Dr. Dre line of audio headphones, earphones et al. Through a decent product and excited marketing, they’ve become the “it” thing to own and most importantly, be seen owning. Whether that justifies their high prices is a discussion left for others, but it’s nice to know that deals can be had on them. Like today you can get $120 off on the Beats Pro, the latest generation of over-the-ears cans from the company. That leaves them at a still hefty $279, but much less so than the $399 originally sought.

[ $120 Off On Monster Beats Pro ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

2 thoughts on “Deal Of The Day: $120 Off On Monster Beats Pro”

  1. who in their right mind buys these $400 headphones?  Oh yeah, morons like the roided out douchebag I saw today at the gym, wearing a beanie. In the summer. In miami.  Working out.  With these big headphones over the beanie and the super long cord dangling everywhere.

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