Deal Of The Day: 10% Off On WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock


Despite its fulfillment woes, the Apple Watch is slowly making its way into the hands, and wrists, of eager shoppers across America. But once you have this overpriced piece of kit, perhaps you’ll feel compelled to treat it with the respect you think it deserves. To this end, we’d like to propose the WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock.

We can’t predict the future, but you and your Apple Watch are bound to be inseparable. Keep it close while it charges thanks to this sleek, convenient charging dock and stand. WatchStand seamlessly holds the magnetic Apple charging cord in place, so you can simply lay your watch against the cradle and get charging.

– Holds your Apple Watch at an easily viewable angle as it charges
– Keeps the charging cable in place & ready to charge
– Hides excess cable length inside its post
– Stays in place on a desk or tabletop w/ non-slip base & no-scratch padding
– Holds iPhone on its molded base

Normally you’d have to pay $30 for it, but it’s on special at $26.99. It’s not a huge rebate, but if you were going to get something like this in the first place, it’s better than no rebate.

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