DaVinciAudio Labs In Unison MK2 Turntable – Yours For A Mere $27,800

In Unison MK2 Turntable (Image courtesy DaVinciAudio Labs)
By Andrew Liszewski

When vinyl master discs are produced, a cutting machine with an extremely stable and heavy base is used to produce the most accurate copy of a recording. And that’s where DaVinciAudio Labs’ new In Unison MK2 turntable got its inspiration. If it’s good enough for cutting a disc, it has to be good enough for playing one back right? In addition to a stable base with resonance reduction and silent magnetical bearings, the motor and control unit are kept separate from the precision crafted platter, and the whole unit is fed stable power to ensure a completely uninterrupted playback experience.

Now the belt drive mechanism means the In Unison MK2 isn’t going to replace your 1200s when it comes to scratching, but if you add the second tonearm option the whole unit weighs in at around 160 lbs, making it pretty much impossible to carry around to gigs anyways. Not to mention the slightly prohibitive $27,800 price tag which will keep this out of the hands of all but the most fanatical of audiophiles.

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