Dave The Funky Shoulder Monkey Has Elmo In His Sights This Christmas Season

By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve lost count how many years Elmo has been on the ‘most wanted’ list for Christmas, but this year a small robotic chimp named Dave is hoping to be the source of holiday shopping-related stampedes. Tech Digest recently had a demo of Dave, who’s designed to strap to your shoulder and perform one of 30 different actions with accompanying monkey sounds thanks to an included wireless remote. And besides entertaining kids of all ages, he also seems like the perfect sidekick for pirates who might be allergic to the real thing. He’ll be available for ~$40 (£24.99) in the UK at least, and since you’ll be able to find him at Toys ‘R Us stores hopefully it means he’ll be available in North America at some point as well.

[ Tech Digest – Video: Robot chimp? You got it; enter Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey ]