Databreaker Keeps Your PC Safe From Hackers

Databreaker (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m not completely sold on the necessity for a product like the Databreaker I guess I can’t really argue about its effectiveness. The unit basically sits between your router, DSL or cable modem and your PC and will disconnect your net connection when the computer goes into a sleep or power saving mode since it assumes you’re no longer using it. To do this it requires that your computer monitor also be plugged into the Databreaker unit so that it can detect when it has entered the sleep mode and is no longer drawing as much power.

And if for example you’re in the middle of downloading a large file and don’t want the system disconnected while you’re away the Databreaker also includes a manual override switch which will force it to always remain connected. Of course when you think about it manually unplugging your ethernet cable will work just as well as the Databreaker does but truth be told this device is far more convenient than reaching behind your PC all the time.

The Databreaker is currently available on the company’s website for only $39.95.

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  1. Another easy way to accomplish this is to plug your cable modem into an outlet attached to a light switch, and then turn that switch off whenever you’re not using the computer. Of course, between using VNC to remotely access my computer from the office and sending requests to my Tivos to record shows while I’m on the go, I can’t afford to shut off the pipe at any point except for while we’re sleeping…

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