Data Traveler Micro Reader Is A Flash Drive And MicroSD Card Reader In One

Kensington Data Traveker Micro Reader

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever tried to load some new music on your phone directly onto a microSD card? That’s the easiest way to do it in my opinion, as you bypass all of that annoying software that gets installed on your PC. Unfortunately this does involve you digging out you microSD to SD card adapter, then hooking it into your card reader. Now thanks to Kingston, you only need to pull out this flash drive and pop in the microSD card.

This flash drive acts just like any other, storing between 1 and 4GB of data. You also have the option of inserting your microSD card and transferring data on and off of it without digging around for an adapter. Prices on the Data Traveler Micro start at around $19.

[ Kingston ] VIA [ Crave ]