Data Killer Erases Discs At The Press Of A Button

By David Ponce

Getting sensitive data off a hard drive isn’t as simple as deleting the files. The true geeks in the audience already knew that. But in case that’s not you, just know that simply deleting a file only tells the operating system that the area on the disc it once occupied is now free to be overwritten. But it’s not until this done, that your data is really gone. There are programs that will format, and reformat any given area with the aim to do just that, but the Data Killer machine goes the brute force way instead. It passes strong magnetic currents over the discs, realigning the microscopic bits on the surface of the platters without damaging them, and it does this quickly, at the simple press of a button.

Our product line-up can handle everything from a single 3.5-inch hard disk, to 14 of them at once. With our larger models, you can also instantly obliterate the data on a notebook PC.

There’s no word on price or availability.

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