Darth Vader Projector Alarm Clock Force’s You Out of Bed

Darth Vader Projector Alarm Clock (Image via Star Wars Shop)
By Shane McGlaun

If you have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning what you need is a bit of the Force and Darth Vader himself to wake you up. This clock projects the time in red numerals as well as putting the Vader name onto your ceiling.

The large, red glowing snooze button doubles as a night light and a Darth Vader figure with lighsaber adorns the side of the clock. This clock will set you back $29.99 and is available now for pre-order. Guys just be warned, this thing virtually guarantees you a life of chastity if you are old enough to date. The clock is set to ship in October of 2007.

VIA [ Star Wars Shop ]