Danamics Liquid Metal CPU Cooler

Liquid Metal CPU Cooler

By Evan Ackerman

This badass looking piece of hardware is a liquid metal CPU cooler. That’s right, it’s got liquid metal in there (somewhere, supposedly). The Danamics LM10 is claimed to be “the world’s best performing air-cooler” with cooling capabilities that “exceed those of most water-cooling systems.” How does it manage this? It’s the liquid metal, of course…

Liquid metal has two major advantages when cooling high power density heat sources: Firstly it has superior thermo physical properties that decrease temperature – and temperature non-uniformity – on die and across chips. Secondly, the electrical properties of the liquid metal enables efficient, reliable and ultra compact electromagnetic pumping without the use of moving parts, shafts, seals, etc.

Got all that? The other nice thing about using a liquid metal is that it can circulate using an electromagnetic pump, which is hermetically sealed and has no moving parts, meaning no noise, no vibration, crazy long lifespan, and a power draw of only 1 watt. The entirely self-contained unit can be installed in minutes if you know what you’re doing, and it should work great, at least until it smashes its way out of your computer and forms its arm into a giant knife and stabs you in the chest.

BTW, if you think liquid metal is cool, you can buy yourself 10 grams of gallium for under $50 from the RGB Company (or it shows up on eBay sometimes). Gallium is an element that melts at 86 degrees F; it’s safe to hold, and if you’re patient, your body heat will turn it into a little puddle of silvery metal in your hand. Looks like it’s also available here.

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