Dan Wieden’s Musical Ruler

Dan Wieden's Musical Ruler (Images courtesy SUCK UK)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the first day of school each year when the teacher would hand out new supplies? Pristine erasers, un-chewed pencils and crisp wooden rulers just waiting to be twanged on the edge of your desk. But did you know that in some circles the ruler is actually considered a musical instrument? Well at least by Dan Wieden who came up with the Musical Ruler. It’s your standard plastic model with the measurement units marked in centimeters on one edge, but it also features finger markings and note positions showing you exactly how far the ruler needs to hang off the edge of your desk to produce a particular note.

I can’t imagine teachers will be too thrilled with the idea, but if you’ve always wanted your kid to play a musical instrument and the piano or violin just isn’t going to happen, this seems like an easy alternative. ~$11 from Gadgets.co.uk.

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