Daisy The Giant Robot Fan

Daisy (Images courtesy Christian Moeller)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s easy to get this Daisy, who’s a giant robot fan, confused with that other Daisy, who happens to be a fan of giant robots. But they’re easy to tell apart since this Daisy has a large cargo ship propeller made of fiberglass attached to the end of its arm. There’s also a set of video cameras embedded in the robot’s base that are able to recognize and track people as they walk by, which allows Daisy to turn and face them. Kind of like a giant flower that could one day take over the Earth.

The robot was created by Christian Moeller and currently resides in Terminal 3 of the Changi Airport in Singapore as an art installation. There’s a Quicktime video of the robot in action on Christian’s site, because who can afford the skyrocketing costs of posting anything to YouTube these days. The robot’s slightly more impressive when you see it moving, but I think it could be a lot more useful if it could spin that propeller fast enough to provide on-demand cooling to those walking by.

[ Daisy Robotic Sculpture ] VIA [ DVICE ]