Dada “Code M” MP3 Kicks

By Bruce Eaton

With a chromed out grill and dropping phat bombs wherever you go, even Flava Flav will be jealous of your new Code M’s by Dada. CEO and Pres. Lavetta Willis is quoted saying

“Dada brings excitement to the athletic footwear industry. They be illest, my name is Willis so stop calling me Phillis.”

[I might have made that last part up]

OK, seriously do we need to be able to hear some 15 year old’s mp3 collection on the train at 7am in the morning? Because, you know, that is going to happen. Sure they rock the USB, wireless headphone compatibility, 6 hour battery life, and can hold 100 songs… but you know one day you’re going to be sitting there on the Red Line, drinking a latte when you hear “WHO!? MIKE JONES!!” Personally I can do without it.

Scheduled to be released in April.

[Dada Code M] VIA [Engadget]