D-Link SideStage USB Monitor

By Evan Ackerman

Unlike most external displays, the D-Link SideStage USB monitor is able to both connect to your computer via USB, and power itself via USB… Just one cable does it all. The SideStage has a 7″ LCD with a resolution of 800 x 480 and can be formatted either horizontally or vertically. It weighs about a pound and a third, and is only three quarters of an inch thick, making it something that you could rationalize carrying around (without the base, of course) to add some extra desktop real estate to your netbook.

The SideStage comes with software that allows it to operate painlessly with most other monitors, and you can designate it as the default display for specific applications. D-Link hasn’t released a price yet (rumor puts it at around $100), but it should be showing up by the end of this year.


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