Cyber Snipa Game Pad

By Bruce Eaton

[We’re aware this has been out for a bit. Still, it’s cheap and cool, so don’t sue! -Ed.] Lock and Load with the Cyber Snipa Game Pad. Combining an improved and larger WASD to move around, there are 34 keys that can be programmed to do anything, so long as the game you are playing allows for mappable keys. This isn’t meant as a keyboard replacement but rather as an enhancement, a side dish. So when it comes time to serve up some hot frags, you won’t be stuck on QWERTY anymore. The palm rest is removable, but even with it the whole unit comes in with a footprint of 235mm x 153mm x 24mm.

The Snipa also has blue glowing lights underneath for those gamers who need to feel they are at a rave while gaming.

The unit also features 2 dedicated volume keys, USB and comes in black or silver. Also adding to the hotness is it can be found on Amazon for around $30. This is definitely one for the laptop crowd or ones just take their online murder sprees seriously. Time to p|/\|N t|-|e |\|00|3$!

[Cyber Snipa Game Pad] VIA [Everything USB]