Cyber Remocon Analog Stick Addon For The Wiimote

Cyber Remocon Analog Stick (Images courtesy Famitsu)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nintendo controllers have had analog sticks since the N64 but for whatever reason the Wii’s main controller only includes a D-Pad. (Yes I’m aware the Nunchuck has one.) If you miss this feature or your thumbs have been rubbed sore on the Wiimote’s D-Pad you might want to give this analog stick convertor a shot.

Called the ‘Remocon Stick’ it basically sits over the top portion of the Wiimote and turns the D-Pad into a slightly more ergonomic analog controller. While it doesn’t provide the precise level of control that the real analog stick on the Nunchuck does it will at least be a bit easier on your thumbs. And at about $6 it’s not a bank-breaker either.

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