CYBER Gadget Wii Sensor Bar Loses The Wire, Gains A Clock

Wireless Wii Sensor Bar (Images courtesy CYBER Gadget)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the 360 and the PS3, the Wii managed to finally lose the wires when it came to the controllers. (Well, most of them.) But unfortunately the stock sensor bar was still tethered to the console with an annoying cable. Not surprisingly, third-party wireless replacements were soon available like this one from CYBER Gadget. But unlike other third-party sensor bars, this one manages to raise the stakes by including a digital clock!

While I originally thought it was just a novelty feature, I realized my entertainment center has been devoid of a visible clock since the VCR moved to closet-land. So a wireless sensor bar that could also display the time would actually be a welcome addition. It’s just too bad it takes 4 AAA batteries to run. (It can still be plugged in if you care more about the clock than the wireless functionality.) You can find it on the CYBER Gadget website for about $18.

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