Custom Crocheted Super Mario Mushroom Scarf

Custom 1-UP Mushroom Crochet Scarf (Images courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s the perfect way to blow all that money you got for Christmas, stay warm, and make all of your Nintendo fanboy friends jealous. This 1-UP Mushroom Scarf is hand crocheted by someone calling themselves ‘UrbanPrincess’ on Etsy and is actually available for sale on a made-to-order basis.

The scarf is 5 1/2 inches wide and over 6 feet long, giving you a healthy chain of extra lives in case something were to happen. And since each one is made-to-order, you can actually request a different color mushroom if extra lives aren’t your thing. Just keep in mind this is a hand-made item that takes a long time to make, which is reflected in the price. While the scarves were originally sold at an introductory price of $95, they have since gone up to $150.

[ Custom 1-UP Mushroom Crochet Scarf ] VIA [ DS Fanboy ]

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  1. I can see lots of effort and time has gone into making this.
    I wonder though, would this be considered a “derivative work” and be against copyright/trademark (excuse not knowing which is which) rules?

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