Cushion Control Encourages Fights Over The Remote

Cushion Control (Image courtesy Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Cushion Controls designed by Didier Hilhorst and Nicholas Zambetti are a unique concept that I think has some merit. Instead of having a single TV remote in the living room or bedroom the channel, volume and power buttons are spread across three pillows. So in theory when it comes time to fight over the remote these can be playfully thrown around hopefully leading to innocent pillow fights instead of arguing and bickering.

In reality though you’ll probably end up falling asleep on the volume cushion slowly turning up the sound on your television to its maximum limit. And because you’re so tired from your pillow fight you won’t hear the neighbors and/or police knocking and yelling at your front door telling you to turn down your TV at 3 in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “Cushion Control Encourages Fights Over The Remote”

  1. Mmm i like the idea, Didn’t see any way to order one. Seems its currently just being shown at an exibit… which means by the time its ready for consumers, I’ll prolly be bored of it already.

    ah well.

  2. I noticed at Hobby Lobby the other day they had some pictures just a little bit smaller than those pillows that where also kind of geeky. They had @, :), &, $ on them.

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