CueLight Interactive Pool Table System

CueLight Interactive Pool Table System

CueLight Interactive Pool Table System (Images courtesy CueLight)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t say that I’ve ever thought billiards wasn’t interactive enough, but apparently there are those out there who feel the game would be vastly improved with the addition of digital, video-game like effects. And I can only assume that’s what led to the creation of the CueLight system. Using an HD video projector mounted above the table, and presumably a video camera ball tracking system feeding a PC rendering all of the real-time 60fps animations, the CueLight creates interactive digital effects on the surface of the table during a game. Including Fluid, Fire and Reveal modes which are all demonstrated in the video below.

While it obviously has trouble tracking all of the fast moving balls during a break, the system appears to keep up pretty well with the balls during regular gameplay. And while the effects certainly look pretty cool, and will no doubt result in a lineup of people waiting to play, I can’t help but feel they’re also incredibly distracting. Pricing info isn’t readily available, but apparently the system can be ordered for an existing pool table since it’s able to auto calibrate itself. But it can be bought with a table as well.

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  1. Am I the only one to think “reveal mode” meant it would give you a tip on the shot to take? It turned out to be a bit different than that! hah

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