Cubissimo Alarm Clock Perfect For Life In A Cubicle

Cubissimo Alarm Clock (Image courtesy MCA)By Andrew Liszewski

I spent a few years working in a cubicle environment, and while my co-workers and I made the best of a bad situation, it’s only recently that I’ve managed to get most of my soul back. (Ha! Just kidding, I have no soul.)

But if you’ve embraced a life between three artificial walls, this Cubissimo Alarm Clock should be a perfect match to your daily surroundings. It’s a 2 inch cube with an LCD panel on 4 sides that display the time, date, day and temperature. It also includes an alarm and backlight and is actually made of aluminum even though it kind of looks like cheap plastic.

And the aluminum construction also explains why it’s $39 from the Museum Of Contemporary Art Store.

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