Cubicaller – The Cubicle Doorbell

Cubicaller – The Cubicle Doorbell

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By Andrew Liszewski

There are plenty of crappy jobs in the world but I can’t think of anything more soul-sucking than working in a cubicle environment. (I know from experience.) So it’s no surprise that there’s a never ending stream of cubicle-oriented gadgets and novelty items designed to make life behind those 3 1/2 fake walls less depressing.

The Cubicaller is nothing more than a doorbell you can hang on the outside of your cubicle that will play one of 12 hilarious sound effects including chirping birds, old car horns, the classic ding-dong, a fog horn and even a real ring tone. It’s not terribly exciting but if you’re a jerk like me you can insist that no one enters your cubicle or even talks to you without first ringing the bell. That should make it pretty fun for about 2 days before the Cubicaller goes mysteriously missing.

And on a side note it’s interesting how close the sound effects included with the Cubicaller are to the iPhone’s standard ringtones. The biggest difference being that the Cubicaller actually has a standard ‘ring tone’ option.

At only $11.99 the Cubicaller should make for an easy ‘Secret Santa’ or birthday gift for another cube dweller.

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