[CTIA 2008] Recharge In The Wild With PowerFilm

PowerFilm F15-300

By Luke Anderson

When I go camping, I really do my best to leave the gadgets at home. Unfortunately that’s not always an option for everyone. However, if you still want to “rough it” while bringing along your tech, you’re going to need power. Sure, you can plug everything into your car and charge it that way, but that wastes gas. These cool solar panels from PowerFilm look like an excellent solution.

I had the opportunity to check out some of their various Foldable Solar Chargers, my favorite being the small AA battery charger. While he didn’t have the latest one there, the newer ones will allow you to plug in USB devices (which is handy since most mobile devices can recharge via USB) and recharge them while relaxing in the sun.

PowerFilm F15-300

The small F15-300 has a total of four panels and can charge up to four AA batteries. On average, if you have good sunlight, you’ll be able to recharge your gadgets or batteries just as quickly as if you were plugged into a power outlet. One of these smaller models will run you around $75.

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