[CTIA 2008] Keep Tabs On Your Pet With PetsCell


By Luke Anderson

How many times have you had a dog run away? Usually if you live in the country it isn’t a big deal (except during hunting season) however, in the city your pet can be in a lot of danger from all of the traffic. If you’re concerned about losing track of them, you might be interested in the PetsCell.

This cool device straps around your K9’s neck and can do a multitude of things. First it will track your dog’s location at specific intervals (from every minute to every hour or more) and let you know when they have left a specific area. If they do go outside of your designated perimeter, you will be notified via email and SMS. The GPS tracking of your pet is also stepped up to once per minute until they are back home safe and sound.


You can also use the web interface to track where your dog goes throughout the day, that way you can get to know their habits. You can even export these tracks to Google Earth for a better look. One more excellent feature is the inclusion of Skype compatibility. Why would you need to call your pet? Sure, it would be funny to see their reaction, but that’s not why it’s there. If your dog is taken in by someone, they can call you to let you know where they are. There is also a smaller model that does not include this.

There is no word yet on pricing, though they do hope to ship it out sometime in the fall of this year. Expect to pay a price for both the collar itself and a monthly fee for service.