Crossbreed Folding Bicycle Wheel

Folding Bicycle Wheel

By Evan Ackerman

The thing about wheels is that they’re designed specifically to maintain their roundness. Those of us who bike to work (I should clarify that I do not bike to work because my home is appx. 2,000 vertical above my office and I’m just not that tough) find that although bicycles are to some extent portable (and even foldupable), the damn wheels just don’t get any smaller. But wait… They DO! Duncan Fitzsimmons has invented a full size, folding bicycle wheel, designed to be combined with other folding bicycle parts to create “a really high end city bike or courier bike that can fold up into a package like a golf bag, which could go into an overhead rack on a train or go into a plane locker.”

Folding Bicycle Wheel

Fitzsimmons is reportedly working with “major manufacturers” on the design, but because it’s going to have to be made entirely of carbon fiber so as not to weigh a ton, don’t expect it to be cheap. Video after the jump.

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