Creepy Siri Case Is Creepy

By David Ponce

Shapeways is a company that prints 3D stuff. We don’t know how long they’ll be around for, considering you can now print your own stuff at home, but that’s beside the point. Turns out they decided to “honor” Siri, that little assistant on the iPhone 4S, and they organized a competition to accomplish this. Of all the entries submitted, the above from SaGa Design won. The case is called Omniscient Siri and the idea is that with this case on, you’re forced to use the phone with only Siri, seeing as the only button you can physically access is the one with which you summon her.

Of course, if you want to do anything other than, say, talk on the phone, this is useless. You can’t actually see the screen, at least not properly, so maybe this is more of a novelty item. It is possible to buy it though, and it starts at $90 for a white one, while a gold plated case will set you back a cool $350.

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