Credit Card Sized Digital Audio Recorder

Credit-Card Size 69 Hour Digital Recorder (Image courtesy SpyCatcher)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve always thought that if I just recorded all the conversations I have on a daily basis, I’d easily be able to blackmail my way to an early retirement. But running wires and taping microphones to my chest has always seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth. But I really like this 1GB digital voice recorder that’s capable of recording over 69 hours of “high quality” audio via its sensitive built-in microphone. While it’s probably nowhere near as thin as an actual credit card (based on the USB connector) it’s roughly the same size making it easy to stash in a shirt pocket or hide in a stack of papers.

On the front of the device there’s a set of easy to use record and playback buttons and it even comes with an integrated USB cable for transferring the 32Kps WAV files to a PC or recharging the lithium polymer battery. On a full charge you can expect to get about 7 hours of continuous record time and there’s also a 60 second auto-off feature to help extend the battery life even further. Now if only it didn’t come with a $130 price tag from SpyCatcher Online .

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