Credit Card Battery Checker

Credit Card Battery Checker (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

At what point did the credit card become the de facto standard for conveniently sized items? Will one day every single thing I own be the size of a credit card? Will the credit card itself ever shrink and become less convenient? Ah the pointless questions that keep me up all night…

Moving on, while more and more gadgets adopt convenient rechargeable batteries there are still plenty of them that still need the old-school type. Flashlights, remotes, even the 360 and Wii controllers still use AA’s so odds are you’ve got a pile of batteries somewhere at home that you’re not sure the condition of. Have they been used already? Are they completely dead? Will they still keep that remote running for another month? Well this conveniently sized battery checker from ThinkGeek will answer all these questions. It’s cleverly designed to accommodate AA, AAA, C, D, N or 9-volt batteries and uses three colored LEDs to indicate whether they’re in a good, weak or poor state. Ironically the battery checker itself requires a single CR2032 lithium battery to function but is unable to test the state of that particular format.

The credit card sized batter checker is available from ThinkGeek for a mere $8.99.

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  1. just for the record, visa offers a credit card in India that is 1/4 the size of a normal card, kinda like those i coke cards 😉

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