Creative’s Inexpensive Active Sound Cancellation Headphones: The HN-700

By David Ponce

It’s not the first time we cover noise cancelling headphones. Just take a look at this product from Bose. Problem with these types of headphones is that while they do manage to magically cancel out ambient noise, they also cancel out a big chunk of your wallet.

Creative probably saw this and said “Hey, let’s make inexpensive, fully functioning, active noise cancelling headphones!” And thus was born the HN-700. For a very modest $57, you can own a pair of headphones that actually, very effectively allow you to focus on your music, and not the airplane’s drone.

They are powered by two triple A batteries and can fold so as not to be too unwieldy. The only drawback seems to be that sound quality is not quite as crisp as from a pair of Sennheisers. But, hell, for a fifth of the price, I’ll see if I care.

There’s a good review of these at Trusted Reviews.

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