Creative MuVo Micro N200

MuVo-Micro-N200_1So it’s no secret, there’s quite a few music players out there with better functionality, at a better price, than anything iPod. Sure, sure, they’re not iPods but hey, some people don’t really give a crap. For those people, the MuVo Micro N200 might be a very interesting purchase.

It has a ton of features I’ll discuss in a second. But most importantly, have you seen how small that thing is?! It’s 34x66x13mm and all of 34g. It has a display with a customisable layout to accomodate left or right handed people, though it’s not exactly colorful or big, but that’s understandable. It comes in eight colors (Creative sure likes colors…) and in sizes up to 1Gb.

It has an FM tuner and a built-in MP3 encoder to record the radio broadcast, or anything else you feed it through its line-in. You can even enable a function called Sync Track that automatically splits tracks.

All in all, not a bad little player at all. Starting price is £43.85 which my currency converter tells me is about 90$USD.

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