Creative And Playskool Launch MP3 Player For Infants

playskool creative

By David Ponce

Either the digital music player market is getting really saturated, or a mob of angry toddlers went berserk in front of Creative’s offices, demanding they be included in their marketing efforts. Whatever the case, Creative partnered with Playskool and is attempting to service a questionable niche: MP3 players for infants. The players are part of a new line called “Made For Me”

Creative and Playskool will sell a 2-in-1 Infant Gym, which resembles a typical mobile above cribs. A separately sold “Digital Music Player” will be docked into Gym and play either preloaded songs or songs downloaded from a computer. Parents can also record their own voice and have it played back.

It seems the dockable music player will sell for $80, while other elements of the line will go between $30 and $40.

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