Cre8txt – Text Input For The ‘New’ Generation

Cre8txt Keyboard (Image courtesy Cre8txt)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re faster at typing text messages on a cellphone keypad than using a full QWERTY keyboard on a computer, the Cre8txt might help you bridge the gap. It’s basically a small USB keypad that includes all the keys you’d traditionally find on a cellphone. And you can even keep using all the text message slang and shortcuts you’re accustomed to since the Cre8txt works with special software that will automatically translate them back into proper english.

You know I thought it would be funny to write this whole post using the various slang and shortcuts that have become almost standard fare for text messaging. But then I realized I actually have a proper education and figured I’d go the extra mile by spelling out every word, including all the vowels and even using punctuation.

The Cre8txt is available on the company’s website for about $105. The slang correction software, which in my opinion actually makes the keyboard useful, is an additional $85.

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3 thoughts on “Cre8txt – Text Input For The ‘New’ Generation”

  1. Good grief, have you listened to the video introduction?

    “Coming soon a range of BRIGHTLY COLORED snap-on covers for you to personalize your cre8txt keyboard” – (even if I knew how to use triple bold blink tags in this forum, it wouldn’t do justice to the emphasis of the narrator.)

    The whole presentation of this thing seems so …unreal. It must be a hoax. Yes, I’m quite sure it’s an elaborate hoax. Humanity can’t be going THAT FRIGGING BONKERS.

    …can it?

    please, someone confirm it’s a hoax. please.


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