Crazy USB Santa Boots To Keep Your Feet Toasty

USB Santa Boots

By Luke Anderson

I’ve got plenty of USB devices lying around in my office. Most of them serve a good purpose, data storage, gaming controllers and other input devices. I generally try to stray away from any gadget that doesn’t actually interact with my PC aside from sucking down power. These USB Santa booties are no exception. While they might keep my feet warm, I just couldn’t bear to put these on my feet.

Sure, when I’m in the comfort of my own home, I’m not likely to get ridiculed too much for wearing them. However, I truly wonder how many times the cord would hold up to getting yanked out of the USB port because I got distracted and wandered off with them still plugged in. If you’ve got a case of cold feet (and strange taste), these will cost somewhere around $26.

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